Yeah, It’s because we get sexier every year~

-chuckles and moves to his own desk as class starts-

Besides, Free chocolate and all~ 

» time 2 years ago   

-drops bag all dramatic like-

You didn’t do your homework! You!

-puts a hand to his forehead-

Are you sick? Dead? A zombie?

-is trying really hard to seem normal- 

» time 2 years ago   


yeah missed out on my beauty sleep last night~


And I forgot my homework again~

-is totally acting normal. At least he thinks he is-

Same as always. Right Kazu~?

» time 2 years ago   

-ends up riding all night. finally gets home an hour before school. Showers. leaves-

-feels like hell. Sees Kazu. Considers running again. Nope. Be strong-

-deepbreath. Game face on- 

-plonks down on Kazu’s desk the same as always. Normal smile. At least that’s what he hopes-

Kazu man. You look like hell. 

» time 2 years ago   

-turns away. Still painful smile. Can’t find any other reason to stay anymore. Doesn’t want to say bye again cause he already said it.-

-turns back to Kazu, opens his mouth. Nothing. Turns back and leaves-

-rides home like hell. Tomorrow it’ll be like it never happened.. right?-



» time 2 years ago   

It’s okay Kazu. It’s okay..


I’m fine.

-is so not fine, voice is high pitched. So not his voice-

So ummm I’ll see you at school tomorrow yeah.

-gets up, goes back over to the window-

Just like normal..

-painful smile-

see ya~

-usual wave-

» time 2 years ago   

-stares down at Kazu-

It’s okay…

-is a little shattered about that- 

Yeah, I guess you wouldn’t…



» time 2 years ago   

-catches Kazu, more then a little shocked-


-shakes him a little-

You okay?

-say something…..-

I’m sorry…

-stomach rolling. Wonders if Kazu will hate him now-

» time 2 years ago   


You… Really just said that didn’t you.

-shakes his head and grabs both sides of Kazu’s face-

I. Like. You.

-leans close and presses his lips to Kazu’s for a second-

Get it?

» time 2 years ago   

-is a little confused-

Kazu what?

-pulls the beanie up so they’re facing each other, Ikki about 30cms from Kazu’s face-

I don’t think you do..

-takes a deep breath-

Kazu, I like you..

-waits anxiously for angry outburst-

» time 2 years ago